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Pink Panache offers   Hand Made     Hand Crafted     Quality Made   Accessories

Each piece they offer is thoughtfully designed and handcrafted at their Dallas, TX workshop. Using metals made in the USA and Swarovski crystals gives their jewelry its quality construction and distinctive look. The team at Pink Panache knows you'll love your pieces as much as they do!

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Our Story

Hi. We’re sisters, DeeDee Plank and Noelle Plank Salmon, the fuel behind Pink Panache. Being in business with your sister isn’t always a cakewalk. The combination of our distinct personalities and design styles is what makes a Pink Panache piece so recognizable. We are constantly challenging one another. It’s in those moments of divergence that we fuse our styles together. The end result is a constantly evolving collection of retro-artisan jewelry, difficult to put a label on. Every distinct piece we create is handcrafted in Dallas, Texas with metals from the U.S. and a stunning array of beads from every corner of the world. Our family extends beyond us. Every boutique we partner with becomes a member of our family. Without their success, we miss out on the indescribable feeling that comes from hearing a shopper ask, “Is that a Pink Panache?”.

We don’t let our age define us. It certainly doesn’t define our jewelry!

We Think Outside The Jewelry Box

Hundreds of Distributors all across the Country

Premier Stores

Wholesale Market Dates

Dallas Market Center
2100 N Stemmons Fwy Dallas, TX 75207
  • August 9-12  Apparel
  • September 7-9  Gift
  • October 25-28  Apparel
  • January 17-23  Gift
  • January 24-27  Apparel
  • March 21-24 Apparel
  • June 6-9  Apparel
  • June 20-26  Gift
  • August 22-25  Apparel
  • September 6-8  Gift
  • October 24-27  Apparel

LA Fashion Market

California Market Center
110 E 9th St A727, Los Angeles | CA 90079
  • September 9-12
  • January 15-18
  • March TBD
  • June TBD
  • July TBD
  • September TBD

WINN Show Las Vegas

Rio Hotel & Casino
3700 W Flamingo Road, Las Vegas | NV 89103
Booth M-916 - Miranda Room
  • August 13-16
  • TBD
Americas Mart Atlanta
240 Peachtree St NE #2200 | Atlanta, GA 30303
Wendy Babchin Showroom - 8N103 Bldg. 3
  • Mar 7 - 9 Gifts
  • Apr 10 - 14 Apparel
  • May 1 - 3 Gift
  • Jun 13 - 16 Apparel
  • Jul 10 - 16 Gift
  • Aug 7 - 11 Apparel
  • Sept 25 - 2 Apparel
  • Oct 16 - 20 Apparel

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